beeGoodies - tried and true from "granny's times"

beeGoodies - tried and true from "granny's times"

We are constantly thinking about new product ideas.

And there are indeed so many tried and tested things that still work today and are worth reviving.

Now new: Our beeWashy soap holder

The BeeWashy soap holder was developed especially for beeGoodies in the Schleswiger Werkstätten and is handmade there. Coated with rag oil it is dirt and water repellent and fits in every bathroom. Simply stick it on the back, adhesive tape is already on the product. The supplied soap is provided with a recycled crown cap. It smells wonderfully of lemongrass and was developed by us together with Bettina Piel from Seifendealer. Grain and marigold blossoms give the soap an unmistakable structure. But also any other soap can be used – just push in a crown cap. The gift set also contains a beeswax cloth with which the soap can also be used when travelling.

I installed my prototype BeeWashy right away in our shower, because I have been using a soap shampoo for a long time. Do you know the problem? Now finally the soap doesn’t slip around everywhere and doesn’t soften unpleasantly because it always dries well.

Maybe it’s the same for you, then give it a try. The gift set goes down well with everyone, as it can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, in the shower or even in the caravan.

Do you have any other sustainable product ideas?

Then simply write us an email. We really enjoy bringing something new, but also sustainable and useful to the market.

Keep your fingers crossed that the beeWashy experiences a great demand.