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Peace Charity–bracelet

The war in Ukraine and the suffering it is causing dismays and frightens us all.

Many of us would like to help and yet feel helpless.

That is why we want to set a sign of solidarity with the people and hope for all of us together with you.

Our action bracelet in the colors of Ukraine should give you and your loved ones personal courage and confidence.

100% of the proceeds will go to Emergency Relief Ukraine!

We sell the charity bracelets for Jewels-to-go and donate the entire proceeds from the sale to the campaign ‘Germany helps – Emergency Aid Ukraine’.

By the end of March 2022 we have collected about 1,500 EUR in donations!

Together with you we hope for a soon coming peace and say ‘THANK YOU’ for your support!

Show your solidarity by wearing the Ukraine colors!

As a gift or to wear yourself. Here you can find our store and the bracelets in 2 different sizes for men and women:

The clasp is additionally adjustable by sliding knots and thus fits all wrist sizes! The peace sign is 925/sterling silver.