beeGoodies beeswax cloths:

sustainable freshkeeping!

beeGoodies beeswax cloths make it easy to banish plastic from your kitchen and household, reduce waste – and keep your food fresh for a long time in an environmentally friendly way. Because every beeswax cloth from beeGoodies is made of OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified cotton and is coated by hand with a high-quality combination out of pure beeswax and best European spruce tree resin and jojoba-oil. Thats why your beeGoodies beeswax cloth protects food safely and keeps it fresh.
The natural antibacterial characteristic of beeswax additionally strengthens the freshness of food. And because beeGoodies beeswax cloths are easy to clean and can be used over and over again for about a year, they are doubly sustainable – a really good alternative to harmful plastic for you and our environment.

Ideal to start with!
One large size and
a square


Ideal as a gift!
One large size and
2 squares


Ideal for big things!
One very large size to cover
salad bowls for example


Every Size in!
1 XXL, 1 large size and
1 square


Ideal for all who want to enjoy the
vegan support lifestyle!
An XXL format for e.g. herbs
or salad bowls to cover


Ideal as a gift!
The beeWashy soap holder made of maple wood
A bar of soap with lemongrass scent &
a beeGoodies size M


It couldn’t be more sustainable! beeGoodies are cotton cloths coated with a mixture of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. This handmade natural product can be reused for up to a year if well cared for.

Bye bye cling film – hello beeGoodies!


Just clean your beeGoodies under running water
(not too hot, if necessary use washing-up
liquid). Let them dry and stow in the
drawer until using next.

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beeGoodies are available in 3 sizes – the Square
(23 x 23 cm) for covering bowls and the long
cloth (approx. 32 x 23 cm) also perfect for
casseroles or a long plate and our XXL
(approx. 35 x 35 cm)! Each package contains
different designs, that we combine for you. Enjoy!

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