beeGoodies - How to repair Your Superbag

beeGoodies - How to repair Your Superbag

The Superbag can also be “freshly ironed” again

Ironing the Superbag requires a little practice, but with a few tips from us you’ll surely get the job done!

Have you already watched the repair video. If not, it would be helpful to do that first.

The difficulty with the bag is that it is sewn together, you have to work fast and not be afraid of a little waxy fingers 😉

1. Order repair wax

Your Superbag is very stressed and has too many creases, then order some repair wax in our online shop.

2. This is how you prepare the workplace:

  • Put 1 sheet of baking paper under the bag and 1 sheet inside the bag (please cut to size)
  • You spread the wax with a grater or a knife on the Superbag
  • You preheat the iron

3. Ironing at highest level

You iron until the wax dissolves and is well distributed on the surface. Little pressure is enough to prevent it from “squeezing out” to the sides and to keep as much wax as possible on the bag.

4. Remove baking paper quickly

Then remove the bottom baking paper while still hot, so that as little wax as possible sticks to the paper.

If necessary, repeat the process with the other side and also remove the middle baking parchment.

Should you be dissatisfied with the result, please correct it in places or put the bag into the oven for a short time. On baking paper and always with the baking paper as intermediate layer in the Superbag. Then open the bag while it is still hot and let it dry for a few seconds while still open. This requires a bit of tact, but be brave enough to do it. Some wax on the fingers can be easily removed by rubbing or with warm water.

If you don’t get along at all, please send the Superbag back to us and we will take care of the waxing!