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Finally! The new GOTS fabrics are here.

Finally! The new GOTS fabrics are here.

It has been a long time from the visit to the cotton fields to the delivery of the new fabrics, but now the first coated cloths are in the warehouse waiting to be sent out.

GOTS? What does that actually mean?

Global Organic Textile Standard

The seal holder is Global Standard gemeinnützige GmbH, which was founded by the International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standards. This is an association of various organisations that are committed to environmentally sound and socially responsible textile production.


The aim of the label is to establish a globally uniform, controllable, social and ecological standard that covers the entire production chain of textiles and makes it traceable. The focus is on the use of chemicals during production.

Good to know…

Textiles that consist of at least 70 percent organically produced natural fibres and meet the requirements may bear the GOTS seal (“made with x% organic”). From 95% organic content, the addition “organic” is awarded. Our cloths now meet this requirement in Standard 6.0 – the latest standard version.

All 5 new fabric samples are available in all sizes this time:

– 24 x 24 cm as a square to cover small/medium sized bowls

– 24 x 34 cm as a long format to wrap directly for a sandwich or perfect for cheese to keep in the fridge

– 35 x 35 cm as XXL cloth to cover e.g. large salad bowls

Have fun wrapping, covering and keeping fresh with beeGoodies!