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Welt der Wunder shoots with beeGoodies

Finally the time has come! Our film has been cut and is now online. So far you can watch it on the YouTube channel of Welt der Wunder:


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In the nearer future the film will also be shown on the TV channel Welt der Wunder.

We say THANK YOU to:

  • Nicole Martin from bed and breakfast am Dom in Schleswig. We were allowed to shoot the outdoor scenes in her wonderfully landscaped garden in the bright sunshine. If you want to enjoy the great atmosphere and a wonderful breakfast buffet, have a look here:
  • The great team of the Schleswiger Werkstätten (namely: Enrico Kleist and Marc Müller), who were totally flexible to our filming wishes at the Schleiwerk despite Corona restrictions. Enrico’s team – just called Willi by everyone – coats and packs the beeswax cloths for us.
  • Sue Knapp from Welt der Wunder TV, who did a great job directing and was open to all ideas
  • Christoph, our cameraman, who was on duty for us on his birthday.


Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Once again, the Christmas season starts unexpectedly early and before you know it, it will be Christmas again.

If you are now confronted with the topic of gifts, as every year, and you need to start thinking about it, we have prepared some tips for you.

If the thought of a sustainable gift is all you think about, then we want to tell you that the external values of a gift are also important. We are talking about the packaging, which produces over 8000 tons of waste every year.

Tip 1: Wrap your gift in newspaper or used paper of any kind, this tip is well known, but many people don’t dare to wrap their gift in this way because it might end up being a bit stupid.

Tip 2: Use reusable cloth or packaging

Tip 3: Buy grass paper wrapping paper, that saves a lot of CO2!

Tip 4: Why do you still pack gift baskets in transparent plastic foil? Simply do not use any!

But above all it depends on the inner values of a gift!

Electronic items, clothes, decorations or short-lived toys are not exactly the most sustainable gifts, and pets are also an absolute taboo gift! – Why? Because things such as electronics or decoration are quickly out of use or break and clothes may not fit.

As inspiration we have the ecogift for you, a gift box that is sustainable and fair all around. With every box you give away, at least one tree is planted and several sustainable start-ups are supported.

Support the project by giving away an ecogift on:

We are of course also in the box! And you can also use the glassine packaging bag as a lantern.

beeGoodies - Nachhaltige Weihnachtsgeschenke

We wish you a Happy Advent season.

cover picture: copyright: ecogift

Welt der Wunder TV portrays beeGoodies

Welt der Wunder TV portrays beeGoodies

On the 25th of August 2020 the time had come, finally our long planned Welt der Wunder TV shoot could take place.

The shooting took place in the garden and in the wonderful house of Bed & Breakfast am Dom in Schleswig as well as in the Schleswig workshops for disablled people, with whom we work closely in the production of our products.

Welt der Wunder TV has its own television channel!

Welt der Wunder is a science television magazine whose episodes have been broadcast on Welt der Wunder TV (formerly N24) since March 2015. With the launch of the television channel of the same name, the programme was broadcast on RTL II last time in January 2014.

Represented on YouTube with 432,000 subscribers
but the IG account with 2,584 subscribers is also worthy of note.

Welt der Wunder TV portraitiert beeGoodies

TV broadcast of beeGoodies shoot planned for winter 2020/2021

We are curious to see what our great filming team with production manager Sue Knapp and cameraman Christoph has in camera.

We still have to be patient, the broadcast date will be the end of the year at the earliest.

Keep your fingers crossed that the film will be as beautiful as the brilliant weather on the day of shooting.

Welt der Wunder TV portraitiert beeGoodies

Markets with beeGoodies beeswax cloths

Markets with beeGoodies beeswax cloths

Just a year ago, we all met regularly at the Hamburg markets in the midst of a huge crowd to buy our first Christmas presents.

This year everything is different, but many organisers remain positive and make the best of it. So now we meet in the net!

We have created a small overview where you can “meet” us in autumn.

hello handmade comes to your home this year!

There will be a big online pop-up market on 7th and 8th November 2020 including live stream and printed catalogue! You can find explanations here:

Einladung an alle Besucher zum hello handmade Markt 2020


In September the “Besonders Markt” had a Shop Local Day with findeling and also offers our products in its own shop: especially different at Hellkamp 60 in HH-Eimsbüttel, opening hours: Thu-Sat 12-18 o’clock or Fri already from 10:00 o’clock. The next analogue special market is planned for 14 February 2021.

Made in Hamburg Week 5.-11.10.2020
The market at Millerntor will also take place this year with online activities. A similar date for 2021 has already been fixed for 9 October 2021

And indeed, 2 live markets will take place in October:

  • On 24. and 25.10.2020 you can meet us from 11-18 o’clock and 12-17 o’clock at Möbel Höffner in Barsbüttel.
  • On 31.10. and 01.11.2020 we will be in the Rindermarkthalle from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. under the motto: FESTLAND.

Dealers in the vicinity
Come and visit us on the markets or continue shopping analogue to support our retailers. You can find your nearest retailer at

In the next blog we will give you exciting insights into our film shooting for Welt der Wunder TV.

beeGoodies – tried and true from “granny’s times”

beeGoodies – tried and true from “granny’s times”

We are constantly thinking about new product ideas.

And there are indeed so many tried and tested things that still work today and are worth reviving.

Now new: Our beeWashy soap holder

The BeeWashy soap holder was developed especially for beeGoodies in the Schleswiger Werkstätten and is handmade there. Coated with rag oil it is dirt and water repellent and fits in every bathroom. Simply stick it on the back, adhesive tape is already on the product. The supplied soap is provided with a recycled crown cap. It smells wonderfully of lemongrass and was developed by us together with Bettina Piel from Seifendealer. Grain and marigold blossoms give the soap an unmistakable structure. But also any other soap can be used – just push in a crown cap. The gift set also contains a beeswax cloth with which the soap can also be used when travelling. […]