beeGoodies beeswax cloths

Think different and bee good!

Behind beeGoodies are the two of us: Maike and Dunja. Together we have already developed the hellogreen smoothies and produced them from purely natural ingredients. Because we have not only constantly dealt with natural ingredients, but also with the topic of sustainable packaging, it has always been clear to us: plastic is the wrong way! The aim was to renounce cling film for freshkeeping of foods in production and of course also at home. So the idea was born, of developing a beeswax cloth ourselves: cotton cloths coated with best beeswax.

We tried and fiddled and at some point we found the best combination of other 100% natural ingredients for the covering – and quickly we convinced friends and acquaintances with the result. There is more to it, we thought and it worked! We have developed and optimized our product beeGoodies and found resellers and distribution partner and we increased production bit by bit. Now we can use beeGoodies not only in our kitchen, but offer them to all conscious people interested in ecological sustainability for their households. „Think different and bee good“ – with beeGoodies!

Inside and on
The beeGoodies beeswax cloths are completely made of the best and pure materials: The fabric woven especially for us is made of OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 certified cotton. It`s coated by hand in northern Germany in Schleswig-Holstein with a high-quality and naturally fully food-grade compound of pure beeswax, spruce tree resin and oil on coconut-base. This special compound creates a beeswax cloth, that keeps food fresh for a long time and the natural antibacterial substances in the beeswax also contzribute to this.

As the final production step the covered cotton cloth is colorfully combined in sets (2-Pack, 3-Pack, XXL) or folded to the popular PocketBag. The beeGoodies got strict certificated to food contact in Hamburg and approved for this purpose. So you can always be sure: Looks good and is good – for your groceries, for you and for the environment.

Find here and buy
You can order the beeswax cloths in several sizes and versions here in our online-shop – but also offline: About 400 retailer and selected shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland sell our beeGoodies. Find here your nearest retailer.

Proudly and with a lot of effort we also present the beeGoodies on fairs and design markets.

Feel invited and join us: besonders Markt in spring and autumn,
holy shit in winter.