Facts – beeGoodies beeswax cloths

Good to have – good to know.

Only OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 certified cotton is used for each beeGoodies beeswax. The fabrics are woven especially for us – that’s why we can guarantee you the high and environmentally conscious quality. The coating consists only of beeswax from Europe, spruce tree resin and oil on coconut-base. Our producers also produce for medicine and cosmetics – so you can always rely on the highest quality and compatibility when using a beeGoodies beeswax cloth. We have beeGoodies beeswax cloths exclusively printed with our own designs for us. So we can vouch for the quality and absolute food suitability.

Not only the high-quality coating of the cotton cloths ensures that your food stays fresh for a long time, but also the natural antibacterial effect of the beeswax supports the freshness. The special thing about it: beeGoodies beeswax wipes are breathable! As a rule, condensation does not accumulate when you cover or wrap something with them, so your food does not soften. Of course, please do not cover hot food, but let it cool down first.

All beeGoodies are handmade – every single beeswax cloth is coated and packed by hand. In addition to the high-quality materials, this guarantees long-lasting quality: you can reuse the cloth many times for at least one year. If your beeswax cloth doesn’t last a year, send it back to us and you’ll get a new one.

You can buy beeGoodies beeswax cloths in different sets and sizes: As a pack of 2 or 3, in XXL size, as a practical folded pocket bag or as a bottle cap for bottles and small glasses. The perfect gift are the sets of 2 with a gift banderole.

On request, we will be happy to develop individual banderoles, for example for customer gifts.

So that you can really enjoy your beeGoodies beeswax cloths for a long time,
please note the following when using and caring for them:

  • You can’t cover or wrap hot things with beeGoodies, please let them cool down
  • You should not use them for very watery foods
  • Please do not use beeGoodies for wrapping raw fish or meat – cooked or roasted you can of course keep these products fresh
  • Please do not wash the beeGoodies in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Use only lukewarm water when rinsing, because the beeswax melts at 62 degrees… However, you are welcome to use wash-up liquid
  • beeGoodies are also not suitable for the microwave with its extreme temperatures
  • After cleaning, let the beeGoodies dry well before you stow them away
  • You shouldn’t cut anything on the beeGoodies as this can damage the cotton cloth and wax coating
  • Citric acid also damages the coating of beeGoodies beeswax tissues

Sustainability – easy and self-made

You can also do a lot for our environment yourself – apart from using beeGoodies beeswax cloths, for example: Do not buy plastic bags at the checkout, but bring (cloth) bags, only buy fruit and vegetables without packaging or use reusable fruit bags. Buy milk in glass bottles and generally use packaging such as glasses several times.
Buy soaps, shower gels & Co. in refill packs and refill them – or buy them directly in an unpacked-shop: among others at Stückgut Hamburg, Unverpackt Kiel, Unverpackt Lübeck, or Veedelskrämer Köln. And, of course, you can also shop at the weekly market instead of always at the supermarket.


How can I clean my beeswax cloth?
You can wash your cloth with lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid. Please do not crumple it, but pull it carefully through the dishwater or rinse it under a running tap, then let it dry well before you put it away. The detergent dissolves grease and dirt from the cloth – even at low water temperatures. You can also heat your cloth briefly in the oven (on baking paper or iron it between two layers) if you want to be absolutely sure that no germs will stick to it.

How long do beeGoodies beeswax cloths last?
You can use your beeGoodies for at least one year if they are well cared for. But of course it depends on the frequency of use: Like a favorite t-shirt that looses a little bit with every wash. Once the coating is off, the freshness retaining function is also gone. Should this happen, even though you have not used your beeGoodies beeswax cloth for a year, you are welcome to complain to us directly.

Is it possible to refresh the wax coating of the bees wax cloths?
If intensive use and washing causes abrasion on small individual areas, we recommend heating the beeGoodies beeswax cloth on baking paper for about 2 minutes at 90 degrees in a preheated oven – until the surface shines. Then lift it up with pointed fingers and let it cool down again – it takes only a few seconds. The wax mixture is then evenly distributed again. If the refreshing should not succeed, please contact us or have a look at this post in our blog. There is a repair kit from beeGoodies. So you can also apply new wax.

Does the coating go into the food?
Our beeGoodies have been laboratory tested and certified for food contact. So you can cover and wrap any foodstuff with them without any risk. Besides fresh meat or fish. But please make sure not to expose your wrapped food to direct sunlight or keep it outside the fridge for more than 3 hours. So if you expose a food to high temperatures for too long or wrap it in very watery food, it can actually happen that substances from the coating cause a change in taste. But since the cloth and the ingredients are harmless and certified, this effect really only affects the taste or smell. A corresponding food product wrapped in plastic film and exposed to high temperatures for too long would not taste good either.

Do odours get stuck in the cloth?
Not really, because the cloths are washable. In addition, beeswax with its antibacterial properties also neutralises odours. However, extreme odours, such as those from onions, can stick. It’s best to use your own beeGoodies beeswax cloth for such foods – e.g. our smaller Bottle Cap.

Can beeswax contain pesticides, harmful substances and paraffins?
We only use 100% pure beeswax. This is certified and is also regularly tested for pesticides and insecticides.

Why does beeGoodies not use recycled packaging?
Our beeGoodies paper packaging has the following food-conform certification:
Quality management ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001, food safety ISO 22000, occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001, Energy Management ISO 50001, Forest and Chain of Custody Certification FSC® (trademark license No. FSC-C105192), PEFC™ (Trademark license no. PEFC/02-31-71), as there is a risk that harmful substances such as heavy metals may be transferred to the “packaged” goods when the packaging is recycled.

Why do you use jojoba oil?
Jojoba oil makes the surface of the cloth smoother, longer lasting and prevents the wax from flaking off. It also has antibacterial properties. It is a resin and not an oil, even if it is called oil and therefore does not become rancid. One of our wax wipes contains a tiny amount of jojoba oil – about the size of a pinhead. Jojoba oil is also used in cosmetics and body care, e.g. in the manufacture of lip care sticks.