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Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Once again, the Christmas season starts unexpectedly early and before you know it, it will be Christmas again.

If you are now confronted with the topic of gifts, as every year, and you need to start thinking about it, we have prepared some tips for you.

If the thought of a sustainable gift is all you think about, then we want to tell you that the external values of a gift are also important. We are talking about the packaging, which produces over 8000 tons of waste every year.

Tip 1: Wrap your gift in newspaper or used paper of any kind, this tip is well known, but many people don’t dare to wrap their gift in this way because it might end up being a bit stupid.

Tip 2: Use reusable cloth or packaging

Tip 3: Buy grass paper wrapping paper, that saves a lot of CO2!

Tip 4: Why do you still pack gift baskets in transparent plastic foil? Simply do not use any!

But above all it depends on the inner values of a gift!

Electronic items, clothes, decorations or short-lived toys are not exactly the most sustainable gifts, and pets are also an absolute taboo gift! – Why? Because things such as electronics or decoration are quickly out of use or break and clothes may not fit.

As inspiration we have the ecogift for you, a gift box that is sustainable and fair all around. With every box you give away, at least one tree is planted and several sustainable start-ups are supported.

Support the project by giving away an ecogift on:

We are of course also in the box! And you can also use the glassine packaging bag as a lantern.

beeGoodies - Nachhaltige Weihnachtsgeschenke

We wish you a Happy Advent season.

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