Sustainable Easter with beeGoodies

Sustainable Easter with beeGoodies

Nature offers everything you need for a colourful Easter nest. Simply take a deep plate and line it with moss. From your own garden or collected on a walk. Instead of a plate, you can of course also make a nest out of beeGoodies.

The eggs can be dyed in fantastic natural shades with the following ingredients.

  • Red: beetroot or red onions
  • Yellow: turmeric and chamomile flowers
  • Green: spinach or nettles
  • Brown: Black tea, coffee or onion skins
  • Blue and purple: blueberries, lilac berries or red cabbage leaves

Most natural dyes are also available in powder form from the chemist if you don’t have them in the house.

If you are working with natural ingredients, boil them for 15 minutes in as much water as you need to cover the eggs you want to dye.

Rule of thumb: 3 cups of shells/greens or flowers to 1 litre of water, then skim off the flowers etc. and add the boiled eggs to the broth.

The longer the eggs remain in the water, the more intense the colour will be, so check the colour in between by lifting the eggs out of the water with a spoon. But shades of colour are also beautiful.

Additional effects

  1. with acid: dip a Q-tip in vinegar or lemon and dab patterns on the dyed egg, the colour is virtually removed again at these points.
  2. rub with bacon fat or oil: If you want your eggs to shine beautifully, put a little oil on a kitchen towel and rub the eggs with it.

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