May 2020 - beeGoodies beeswax cloths

beeGoodies – DIY tips for cleaning at home

beeGoodies – DIY tips for cleaning at home

Replace some cleaning agents or do it yourself!

Some cleaning agents in the household can actually be replaced, used more sparingly or even made by yourself. Some even work better, but in any case you save money and packaging. And in any case you do something for our environment.

  • 9-component rinse aid for the dishwasher can simply be replaced with white vinegar.
  • You can mix 1 tablespoon of soda, 2 drops of essential oil of your choice, 1 glass of water and 1 glass of vinegar to make a surface cleaner. It is best to fill it into a spray bottle. Durability unlimited or until the bottle is empty!
  • You can even make flea remedies for your pet yourself with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 glass of water. Rub 3 minutes with the mixture, let it soak for at least 15 minutes or simply brush it out as soon as it is dry.
  • Pots and pans can be cleaned with a vegetable cleaning pad made of horsetail, as this plant contains silicic acid. To do this, weave a handful of horsetail-spear in such a way as to create a square that can be used to scrub metal and pots. If you don’t find any horsetail-plant yourself, simply order “fake bamboo” from a florist.

The background knowledge:

In Europe, soda is made from sodium hydrocarbonate, which in turn is made from sea salt, chalk, coal and ammonia. This fine powder is a great all-purpose product, because it is biodegradable, even in water. […]

beeGoodies beeswax wraps – leftovers become new products

beeGoodies beeswax wraps – leftovers become new products

or Reduce & Reuse

We don’t throw anything away!

Cloths that are not cut well will fall through our quality control for the 2/3 and Family sets, but of course we don’t just throw them away, we make them to:

  • BottleCaps, approx. 10 x 15 cm, which can be used for closing bottles, but also for e.g. avocados in cut or yoghurt cups.
  • From the left-overs of the BottleCaps again we spin our fire balls 😉! Because of the wax, this little ball can be used as spark for your campfire. One ball burns for about 5 minutes.

If you order 3 beeGoodies products in our online shop, you will currently receive 5 additional fire balls – until stocks lasts.

But we also try to reduce packaging and waste in our own household as much as possible and to use things several times, so not only Reduce but also Reuse.

What are the possibilities for Reuse?

  • Recup cups: RECUP is the Germany-wide reusable deposit system for coffee-to-go cups. Here you can find more information: The cups are partly available with city names and individual designs and at many places like gas stations etc. you can even get your coffee cheaper in them.
  • Reusable nets for weighing fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, because attention! Bags made of “bioplastics” are also not an alternative! The term “bioplastics” can mean two things: biobased, i.e. made from renewable raw materials, and/or biodegradable. In fact, not every plastic made from renewable raw materials is biodegradable. Conversely, not all biodegradable plastics are made from renewable raw materials. But even bags made of biodegradable plastic can pollute nature for longer than many people think.
  • Upcycling is also a form of reuse. On Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest there are many ideas for making new modern clothes from worn clothing with a few simple steps. Or to convert them: Socks can be used as cell phone holders while jogging. T-shirts become shopping bags, shirts perhaps gift “paper”? Tins become flower pots and much more.

We ask for your ideas!

Why don’t you try what you can implement in your life and send us more ideas for upcycling and reuse – plus pic. The most creative ideas will be published on Instagram and we will raffle off a drying rack from beeGoodies among the submissions until the end of May 2020, which you can use again and again.

In the next blog post we will take up the topic of household helpers like in grandma’s time.

Taking care of and refreshing of beeGoodies coating

beeGoodies DIY Bienenwachstuch reparieren

or iron your cloth fresh again

The handling of the beeGoodies beeswax cloths is very easy. With lukewarm water and, if necessary, some liquid soap, simply wash it off and let it dry well before you store it or use it again right away. The warm water also makes the creases disappear. Do not use too hot water, otherwise the beeswax will melt, of course.

Also citric acid, dishwasher, washing machine or microwave does not like your beeGoodies beeswax cloth. And it’s also not suitable for cutting on. With loving care your beeGoodies beeswax wraps should last a long time, at least 12 months. If that’s not the case, we will gladly send you a new beeGoodies beeswax cloth when you return your old one. […]