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Beeswax cloths – THE alternative to cling film

beeGoodies Dunja stellt unsere Produktfamilie vor

for packaging and keeping food fresh

That our society produces too much plastic waste is no big secret any more. When you go shopping every day, you quickly notice that it is not so easy to avoid plastic packaging completely. The range of products offered in the supermarket, even at organic retailers, makes it difficult not to reach for one or the other packaged food despite the fresh vegetable, cheese and sausage counter.

And let’s face it – weekly markets, farm shops and unpacked shops are great, but you don’t always find the time to go there. And cooking and baking is fun, but often it has just go quickly too. […]

Food for the bees

Food for the bees

What can we do right now despite Covid-19-crisis?

Maike and I have thought about starting a blog for you now, in which we report not only about our products but also about sustainable and interesting topics. In these times we all have to stick together, so at the moment you get a little bag of bee food for free with all online orders.

To ensure that the busy bees find enough food, pollen and nectar, throughout the year, you should always make sure to plant early bloomers as well as summer and autumn flowers in your own garden. But also the wild flowers along the wayside or in “urban gardening areas” on the traffic island in front of your door can help. […]