beeGoodies – 3-Pack


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beeGoodies - 3-Pack

This product will be delivered in German packaging.

The beeGoodies are used like cling film – to cover food in bowls just form with your warm hands.

After use simply clean under handwarm water (not too hot!). You may use also washing-up liquid if it`s necessary, then dry and keep until next use.

The patterns and colors of beeGoodies vary and are be composed with love and care. The colours in the pictures do not necessarily correspond to the delivered product.

Substances of content:
cloth 100 % Cotton
pure beeswax, certified
tree resin, oil on coconut base

beeGoodies packing unit:
3 pieces each unit

2 cloths approx. 23 x 23 cm
1 cloth approx. 23 x 32 cm (long)

beeGoodies – 3-Pack

Céline M., Waldbröl                       

I froze blueberries in the cloths the other day 😍 it worked really well! Otherwise I use them to cover bowls etc.

Lisa S., Mainz                                  

I prefer to use them to seal opened cups or to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. The advantage is clearly that I avoid waste compared to cling film. 💚


I use the great wipes regularly in the kitchen, for fruit, bread, pastries, to cover. So great 🐝🐝

Petra P., Frankfurt 

Fantastic for packing the lunch – whether for the company or the hiking backpack. Brings colour into or around the break snack … 🤗