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beeGoodies - Pocket Bag

The Pocket-Bag by beeGoodies is a bag folded from a 23 x 23 cm cloth. It is suitable for storing nuts, muesli, bonbons, etc. After use, clean with lukewarm water, rinse if necessary and allow to dry.

The cloth can then either be folded up again as a bag (instructions on the back of the pack) or simply used as a single square format to cover bowls, etc.

The patterns and colours of the beeGoodies vary and are put together by us with love. The colours in the pictures do not necessarily correspond to the delivered product.

100% cotton cloth
pure beeswax, tested
tree resin, oil on coconut base

beeGoodies packaging unit:
1 pc. per package

1 cloth approx. 23 x 23 cm