beeGoodies – XXL cloth


delivery time: 6-8 days


beeGoodies - XXL cloth

The beeGoodies are used like cling film – to cover food in bowls just form with your warm hands. After use simply clean under handwarm water (not too hot!).

You may use also washing-up liquid if it`s necessary, then dry and keep until next use. The patterns and colors of beeGoodies vary and are be composed with love and care. The colours in the pictures do not necessarily correspond to the delivered product.

Substances of content:
cloth 100 % Cotton pure beeswax,
certified tree resin, oil on coconut-base

beeGoodies packing unit:
1 piece each unit

1 cloth approx. 35 x 35 cm

beeGoodies – XXL cloth

Kristina K., Wald-Michelbach, Germany           

Advantage is that I can reuse them, they don’t tear stupidly and it also looks pretty 😍

Katharina H., Kostheim                 

I actually use them for everything, whether covering, wrapping, freezing…. they are super easy to clean and are sustainable 😍 

Christiane A., Egelsee                     

Packing snacks

Silvia E., Berne                    

I like to cover bowls with them 

Sabrina S., Reiskirchen                  

Since I unfortunately don’t have one yet, I can only tell you about my sister who uses it for breads or to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. That of course made me curious