beeGoodies – Gift-box


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beeGoodies - Gift-box

The EasyBeesy gift-box contains:
The EasyBeesy drying rack & one set of 2 beeGoodies with banderole.

The EasyBeesy drying rack was developed especially for beeGoodies in the „Schleswiger Werkstätten“ and is handmade. Coated with flannel-oil the EasyBeesy is dirt- and water-repellent and is suitable for every kitchen.

Substances of content:
beech wood, surface treated with a solvent-free linseed oil/beeswax mixture, 4 pieces

– hight incl. foot approx. 22,5 cm
– diameter foot: approx. 12 cm
– lenght of bars approx. 23 cm

The combination of patterns can vary.